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Where Do My Pets Fleas Come From?

There can be very few more unpleasant experiences than when a family pet becomes infected with fleas. If you don’t pick up on it immediately, then fleas will leap from Europe cherished pets fur and from there on to the nearest rug. After that it’s only a matter of time before the whole family is itching and scratching.

Fumigating any family pet that has been infected with fleas is no picnic, yet it is very small-time when compared to cleaning up the house that has become infected also.

That is the reason why it is in everyone’s interest to prevent such a situation, first of all by making sure that each and every one of the family pets is wearing a flea collar, especially in season. After that it’s not a bad idea to study a little on the subject and try to understand where my pet’s fleas come from

To answer that question, It helps to understand that fleas are a form of parasite that live and breed on the fur, or indeed any warm and dark place where there is a reasonable supply of food (in this case the animal’s blood) .

Sometimes it is difficult to understand and appreciate why there is a need for fleas in the world food chain. And the answer to that riddle is they have no place, but they do exist. That means if you want to keep a pet then you have to make the necessary steps to keep the fleas out of your pet and consequently out of your home.

One of the problems is that fleas are attracted to the same places as animals are. They like to be in wet soil, or sandy soils, dark humid places. In other words any place your dog or cat likes to spend some of their free time too.

There are thousands of jokes and stories surrounding the myths of the flea circus. While it may be possible that these things did exist any hundred years ago or so, it’s more likely that their existence was a bit of an exaggeration. What is not exaggerated is the fact that fleas can jump tremendous distances in relation to their size, and while no one has any real way of proving this for sure, they must be able to think fairly quickly.

The reason for that piece of logic is that when they see a dog or cat that may be approximately a million times their size, they are not slow jumping into their fur, glossy or otherwise, setting up camp there. And if these fleas happened to be colonists, their reproduction abilities are even more proficient than their ability to leap tremendous heights. And even if your family pet has not been affected directly by fleas, all that is required for them to become a new home for fleas is to rub up against a dog or cat is already a carrier.

In the general scheme of things there is little you can do about the ever-growing flea population of the world. Who knows how long these tiny parasites have been around?

All animal owners should be aware of the problem and how it can affect them. The first step is making sure that your animal is wearing a proper flea collar and it is changed at regular intervals.

If your home becomes infested with fleas then you may have to call and professionals to help you read yourself all these unwanted guests. There are companies who offer his specialist service as well as providing specific devices and treatments.

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